Sunday, 7 September 2014


We went up to the north Norfolk coast today - our traditional last day of the school holidays trip. The last few years we have gone to Thornham and Titchwell, but this year we decided to go to the wonderful wide beach at Holkham for a long walk and a late lunch before picking blackberries on the way back.

Holkham is a special place - much nicer out of season. We came here once winter when there was snow on the sand and geese flying in through the mist to feed on the farmland behind the woods.

Those woods were used for the location of the barrow in the BBC Ghost Story for Christmas adaptation of M R James' A Warning to the Curious and the hapless Paxton (Peter Vaughan) is chased across the beach by the cowled guardian in one of the most effective scenes in any of the series of Lawrence Gordon Clark films.

The beach also stood in for America - or at least the Elizabethan colony of Virginia - at the end of the film Shakespeare in Love.

Today it was sparsely populated, with horses being taken down to the sea with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Far off in the distance we could see riders and horses quite a long way out, the water up to the riders knees.

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