Thursday, 9 January 2014


It was nice to see a programme about Andrew Wyeth pop up in the listings over the Christmas break.  Unfortunately the programme was fronted by Michael Palin, who is a very nice chap and everything, but did not seem to have much in the way of any particularly fresh or revealing insight into the work.  I assume he admires Andrew Wyeth's paintings and came up with the notion himself, otherwise he was a very odd choice indeed.

That said, few art historians or critics would have done it.  Wyeth rarely gets that kind of attention.  And it is true that some - maybe even a lot - of his output was simply well crafted and nothing more, but the best of it is wonderful, I think.  I love the intensity of the temperas - they have such a haunting atmosphere.  He slowed the world right down to the speed at which he painted it

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