Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Peake again

Peake also makes an appearance on my notice board next to my desk at home, with an illustration to stories by the Brothers Grimm, but most of the cards are ones I picked up from the Dickens Museum last year - three illustrations to A CHRISTMAS CAROL and a photograph of the man himself.

I like to have a kind of mood board on the go when I'm writing, and it feels right to have Dickens keeping an eye on me at the moment as I am daring to tinker with the great man's work

The illustrations to A CHRISTMAS CAROL are there to remind me of the impact that story had on me as a young boy - the story and those images (by John Leech) - particularly the cowled figure of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come...perhaps one of the most unsettling creations in all of English literature.

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