Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Floating head

In the studio today.  I've been playing around with various technical aspects of painting - trying to get a fixed working method together for some illustrations I want to do.  I seem to have hit on a basis I'm happy with - some very think watercolour paper that I just tape to my desk rather than stretch on a board, a layer of roughly applied black acrylic, a thinner layer of white/grey over the top and then scratched back, and then the image itself painted over the top in thin glazes applied in short brush strokes in a kind of tempera technique.

One of the problems with painting in acrylics is that it can be hard - if you are using a textured ground as I'm doing - to see any pencil lines when you come to lay out your image.  This matters when you need to hit a particular mark or repeat a face, say, as is often the case in book illustration.

I have used a waterproof pen here.  It did lift a little - but I think that was mainly due to me not waiting long enough.  It didn't matter as I am only using shades of grey anyway.  It might if I was using colour. We'll see.   I have actually used the same pen to draw the mouth over the top at the end.

I have a large notebook full of random images - images I just drew without any end in mind.  They are drawn very simply in line only, mostly.  I was interested to see if I could take one of these line drawings and make something more resolved from it.  I was quite pleased with this beginning.

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