Saturday, 12 October 2013

Eastern open opening

I went to King's Lynn with my studio-mate John Clark today.  It was the opening of the Eastern Open exhibition at the Arts Centre and we both had paintings chosen.

In fact - to my amazement I had all three of the paintings I entered accepted.  It was fitting in a way, because all three paintings were created from old drawing in sketchbooks, done when we lived in Norfolk.  The two trees against a dark background were from drawings I made of trees in a field next to the track that ran up to our house and along which I would walk with my son every day on the way to school.  The one of the tree next to a road is from a drawing I made in our early days in Norfolk of a road not far from where we lived.  All three are acrylic on a smooth gesso ground on canvas.

Neither of us won any of the prizes on offer, the largest of which was a not inconsiderable £2000, given to a photograph of what I think was Orford Ness in Suffolk - the work the selectors chose as being the best in the show.

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