Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dickens at last

I lived in London for over ten years and knew the area I walked through last Sunday very well.  I had a studio in Shoreditch and would frequently travel through it by bike or bus, or simply wander through taking photographs.

I have no idea how many times I walked or cycled along Doughty Street and past the Charles Dickens Museum.  But when we live in a place, we always think we will be able to come back tomorrow.  Well on Sunday I found myself once again outside Charles Dickens' house and this time I decided to go in.

I'm really pleased I did.  It was a beautiful day, as I have already said, and so it was tempting to stay outside.  But the house is lovely and is fascinating as much for the glimpse it gives of the vanished interiors of the many Georgian terraced houses that line the streets in Bloomsbury as it was for the Dickens memorabilia.  Though of course, it is very special to stand beside the great man's writing desk.

I am very glad to have finally visited and especially now as I have just written a novel tied to A Christmas Carol.  Maybe it was the right time....

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