Monday, 17 June 2013

Reading aloud

I have discovered that I can email my books to my Kindle.  I realise I am probably the last person on earth to know this was possible, but I was still very excited about it all the same.

I was given a Kindle for Christmas and I have read a few things on it - although I can't say I am in love with it.  Being able to send my documents to it does make it seem more useful though.  And whilst the experience of reading on the Kindle is not the same as reading a book, it is better than reading on a computer screen somehow.

So, instead of printing out Marley's Ghost, I loaded it onto my Kindle and read aloud from there, sitting alone in my studio.

And I have to say it read pretty well...

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  1. I've taken a long while to get the hang of Kindle, too. I used to download free books from A.... and read them on the pc. Then complain that I just couldn't settle to read that way and everything seemed rubbish.
    But we were given a Kindle - yes, at Christmas - and I downloaded some real books to it. They were fine. Checked out some more free downloads. Ah... Turns out it wasn't the medium at fault but the content.