Saturday, 15 June 2013


I managed to finish the first draft of my new book yesterday.  It is called Marley's Ghost and is the third of my books (along with Mister Creecher and The Dead Men Stood Together) to be linked to the work of another writer.

As with Frankenstein and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, A Christmas Carol had a huge impact on me when I first encountered it and in writing my book, I want to try and channel that enthusiasm into a new work but also, importantly, to be true to the original and send my readers to the source of my inspiration.

I remember finding A Christmas Carol dream-like when I first heard it.  It would have been my first encounter with Dickens and possibly my first experience of that kind of confident authorial voice.  Dickens is there all the way through, standing with Scrooge and the Spirits and standing with us - a point he actually makes, wonderfully, in the book, saying that he - Dickens - stands beside us as we read.  And so he does.

As with Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol is a story most people know - or think they know - even if they have not read the book.  But the book is much odder than most would imagine.  A lot darker too.

I will be talking more about that nearer to publication.

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