Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Future classic

When I was up in Scotland I received an email from Maurice Lyon at Bloomsbury telling me that Mister Creecher had been chosen to be included in the Booktrust Future Classics Library Pack for secondary schools.  'Future classic'....I like the sound of that!

I have said many times what an honour it is to be noticed among the crowd of great books out there, let alone to be singled out in this way.  It is a great privilege to be part of Booktrust's brilliant book-gifting scheme and I am delighted that Mister Creecher will find its way into so many schools.

It has been a particular pleasure of mine that so many teenage boys I have met in my recent travels to events and awards, have expressed their enthusiasm for a book that is, in effect, a homage to Romanticism, directly related to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but also inspired by painters such as Friedrich and Turner and referencing P B Shelley and Keats.

What boys seem to particularly respond to is the relationship - the often dangerous relationship - between Billy and Mister Creecher.  I hope the new readers that come to the book via this scheme will have that emotional connection with those characters too.

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