Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I caught the end of a documentary about Ian Fleming the other night in which a talking head spoke in hushed tones of how at any one time, Fleming would be promoting one book, writing another, editing another whilst trying to come up with new ideas for future books.

I was less impressed with this concept than I was supposed to be, as this seems pretty similar to the life of every writer I know.  Added to which I had just listened to a programme on Radio 4 in which George Simenon told us that he wrote his books in 'no more than eleven days' with a day per chapter.

Writers are fond of saying how many words they write a day, and I think this plays into the idea that writers just sit in their studies and write all day.  But there is no general pattern to the way writers work - and never has been.

At the moment, I am making some alterations to the first draft of my book linked to Coleridge's The Rime of Ancient Mariner - I have called it We Pass Like Night, but that is going to change - and have just arranged to do the last edit on the proofs of Through Dead Eyes.  The proofs arrived by post today.

I have just written a very short story for Bloomsbury's 247tales website and I am working on several ideas for new books.  I am also doing quite a bit of drawing, as one or more of those books will, I hope, be in large parts, visual.

I have been doing events and I shall be doing some more.  I'm up in Halifax in a couple of weeks time for the Halifax Ghost Story Festival and I up in Sheffield after that for the Sheffield Book Award.  

I have been doing my accounts.

Very late.

But I have also been doing a lot of the stuff that fills up the lives of everyone.  We are still trying to get our little house in order and I've been trying to make my rented studio space less of a dump.  My son is being buried alive under an avalanche of revision and exams and we are all trying to get as much done before Christmas arrives and we all flop in front of the TV, stuffed full of turkey.  November is the fastest month of the calendar.

Added to all that we writers are now supposed to throw ourselves at the web - we must have a web presence.  So I have to attend to my Facebook page, reply to comments and messages on my author page and keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

And, of course, my blog.  

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