Monday, 1 October 2012

Through dead eyes

I realised that I haven't put the cover up for my upcoming title - Though Dead Eyes - out next March and published by Bloomsbury.  Nice cover, I think.

A boy called Alex accompanies his father on a trip to Amsterdam.  His father is a writer and is working on a TV documentary.  Whilst he works, Alex is left in the care of Angelien, the beautiful daughter of his father's editor (and ex-girlfriend) Saskia.  Alex's parents have divorced and his father is starting a new relationship with Saskia.

Alex is troubled.  He is not coping well with the divorce and is in Amsterdam having got himself into trouble involving a girl at school.  But his life is only going to get more confusing as he falls for the older Angelien and comes under the influence of another girl - this one long dead.

Through Dead Eyes is the first of my chillers for Bloomsbury to have a contemporary setting, although the world of 17th Century Amsterdam is constantly flooding in.   The novel was originally called The Mask and so it will come as no surprise if I tell you that it is a mask that provides the window to this sinister and haunting past world.

I will talk more about it nearer its publication date.

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