Thursday, 4 October 2012

More doodling

More experimentation with acrylic paints on gesso.   I spent the morning sanding down my newly primed panels to a super smooth finish and in the afternoon went back to an earlier panel and did another test.

I don't know why this image popped into my head, but it is a doodle and nothing more.  I am just looking for an excuse to see how the paint handles.  This started to go badly wrong in my opinion and was improved no end by attacking it with a piece of sandpaper and a scalpel, giving the pleasing impression of a damaged fresco.

The problem with spending so much time on preparing your support is that it induces timidity.  They took so long to make, I am nervous of wasting them and having to start all over again.  I'm bad enough with stretched watercolour paper to be honest.

But all that has to be put on one side.  To produce good art you have to be prepared for it to go horribly wrong.  There is no way to avoid mistakes and false starts.  People who try usually don't produce anything of any value.

My next task is to go straight into a finished piece of work.  Doodling is OK - it's fun - but it only takes you so far.

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