Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More doodling

Here is another little acrylic doodle for you.  I know I promised that the next thing I did would be something a bit more considered, but what can I say?

I had a good chat to my lovely agent, Philippa Milnes-Smith, about furthering my plans for world domination.  I felt pretty positive about the things I have in the pipeline and feel even more positive having spoken to Philippa.  To infinity and beyond!

I was actually using a little storyboarding notebook to sketch out a couple of ideas I have.  They are visual ideas and I wanted to see how the pages fell - what the spreads would look like.  That's not to say I actually did any drawing today beyond a couple of thumbnails.  What I was doing was writing a one line note to remind myself what I wanted to see there and then writing a script separately.  It went well. I think.

Tomorrow I head north (well, actually I head south and then head north) to Lancaster for an event at the Litfest in which I am in discussion with Celia Rees and Cliff McNish about Gothic Young Adult Fiction.  The event will be chaired by Dr Catherine Spooner and is at The Rounds, The Dukes at 7.30pm.  Maybe see you there. . .

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