Saturday, 29 September 2012

What am I doing?

A good question.

I have had a weird couple of months.  I have gone through a period of frantic activity in which I wrote seven stories for the Christmas Tales of Terror collection, completed the final edit for Through Dead Eyes and finished the first draft of my upcoming book, We Pass Like Night.  I feel like I have been propelled from a waterfall into a calm mill pond.

Of course, if you write for a living, calmness is an indulgence - an expensive one, but nevertheless I am allowing myself a couple of weeks to look at the dozens of projects I could do, shake them about a bit and see what comes to the top.

I have certainly decided that I am going to write more short stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing the Christmas Tales of Terror and I intend to write more creepy stories.  I have discovered lots of notebooks recently and there are lots of ideas I haven't used or explored fully yet.  I am also forming a view that I have slightly been knocked from the course I had chosen for myself as a writer.

Over the next few weeks I intend to plot out a couple of novels, work on something for younger readers and also something for adults.  I also intend to work on something that is predominantly visual.  I do not know what form this will take at the moment, but I am determined to produce something that makes use of my skills as an artist.

I have illustrated books - both my books and those of other writers, but I have never really done anything more than that.  What I am talking about here is a book in which the visuals play a leading role.  In fact I would not rule out producing a book that is entirely wordless.

I will start with the pictures and see where they lead me.

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