Thursday, 9 August 2012

Through dead eyes

I delivered my comments on the edit of the novel once known as The Mask today.  The title is now Through Dead Eyes.  I will be going into Bloomsbury to go through it line by line with my wonderful editor there, Isabel Ford.

The novel is about a boy who accompanies his father on a business trip to Amsterdam.  It is the first of my chillers with Bloomsbury to have a contemporary setting and was a direct response to my trip to Amsterdam a couple of years ago to attend an awards ceremony.

Dark water is inherently creepy, and, like Venice, Amsterdam is a perfect setting for a chiller.  I stayed in a rather lovely hotel on the Herengracht called the Ambassade and the notion of a story involving the present and past occupants of the same room popped into my head.  I had an idea that a boy and a girl might be linked through time somehow, and happened upon the notion that a mask would provide this connection.  When the boy wears it, he sees through the eyes of the girl who lived in the house in the seventeenth century.

The novel is published March 2013.

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