Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Short stories

Speaking of Ray Bradbury - in one of the many pieces written in celebration of his life and work - it may have been the one by Margaret Atwood in the Guardian - I read that Bradbury used to write a short story every week.  I intend to do the same.

I have recently returned to the short story form.  I am writing some Christmas Tales of Terror, and writing them to a slightly crazy deadline.  They are to be published as an ebook for this coming Christmas.

I am thoroughly enjoying writing them and returning to a form I suspect is my default setting.  That isn't to say I find novels unenjoyable, its just that ideas come to me in short stories rather than novels.  I have to work at novels.  Short stories seem to come naturally.

This may be considered a weakness in my writing ability.  Maybe it is.  But I think in any creative process it is better to embrace your strengths and not fight against them.  So I intend to write a lot more short stories, even if I am the only person who ever reads them.  One a week seems a good target.

It didn't seem to do Ray Bradbury any harm.


  1. Can't wait for Christmas Tales.

    Trying to get an indie here in Atlanta to carry the series. I think they would do well at the middle school level.

    Being a completist, I ordered The Teacher's Tales of Terror from overseas. I thought $15 wasn't bad for getting it from Germany. Then I received this heavy box with 30 of the book.

    They are in the back of my car and I force them on people with kids.

  2. Ooooo, Tales of Terror for a Silent Night - can't wait! :-D Only problem is: I don't own a kindle or e-book reader... :-/ Will this not be released as a physical copy then?

    Is this to be a novel-sized collection, or more in line with the size of "Teachers..."?

    Guessing this is being released to plug the gap before "The Mask" (or "Through Dead Eyes" as I now see it is listed on Amazon - was the title change your idea or enforced?) in March next year?

  3. I love that story about the box of Teacher's Tales! Ha! I also love the idea of you carrying them round and forcing them on people. Keep that up. I wish the books were more successful in the States - the home of the short story and home of so many of my inspirations and heroes. One day!

    Yes - the Christmas Tales will be a small book and just short stories - not a fully fledged Tales of Terror with the normal narrator - although I will certainly finish it in that fashion and I hope Bloomsbury will want to publish it at a later date. Christmas is the perfect time for creepy tales.