Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bad blogger

I used to write a blog post every day.  Or pretty much, anyway.  Then I discovered Facebook and then Twitter and I seemed to run out of spare time.  My blog has been collecting dust for the last month or so.

Authors are expected to scatter themselves across the internet in this manner, whilst also finding time to do events and signings and interviews.  In amongst all of that, we are, of course, also expected to write our books.

Facebook and Twitter have become almost compulsory.  I joined Facebook when I was trying to organise something that required me getting in contact with as many fellow authors and illustrators as possible.  It was much later that I got round to creating an author page.

I am a recent convert to Twitter.  I found it utterly baffling at first - and still do sometimes - but it came into its own last night as I watched the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and felt a great wave of positivity move through Twitter.  Positivity is not really a British characteristic and it felt good.

Facebook and Twitter both have their place.  I like the contact I have with other authors and artists through Facebook.  I really enjoy the sense of contact I have through my Facebook author page, particularly with readers from other countries.  I certainly get a lot of pleasure from the wit and intelligence of those I follow on Twitter.

In some ways it feels as though blogging has become a slightly outmoded form, but I rather like it.  It provides something different from the one-liners that Twitter and Facebook encourages.  Blogging requires more thought, more time.  Blogging is writing.

I have been very resistant to anything that might be called a 'routine' in my time as a writer or as a visual artist, other than having fairly normal working hours.  The way those working hours are used, however has always been a bit free-form.  But if I am to keep this blog alive - and I'd like to - then I am going to have to start being a bit more structured.

It will be fairly easy to tell how successful I've been...


  1. Blogging is not a outmoded form yet. :)
    But I agree about blogging=writing.
    It is always better than post some status that no one will care about in FB..

  2. Mandy Brigwell29 July 2012 at 00:47

    I follow your blog consistently and never comment. Don't rely on the lack of comments to tell you whether people are reading or not.

    As I'm commenting for the first time in never, more Tales of Terror, please. I love to read them to my Year Sixes, but more than that I love the illicit thrill of reading them first. Even better when one of them comes up and says 'Have you read the next one?' and I say 'Yes, and I loved it... it made me so happy I wasn't in it or anything to do with it.'

  3. Thank you both. It does sometimes feel like a total self-indulgence and pretty close to talking to yourself. It warms the cockles of my heart to hear that, Mandy. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to tell me. And Chui Teng - that inspires me to carry on!