Friday, 11 May 2012


Jon Mayhew, writer of Mortlock, The Demon Collector and The Bonehill Curse and all round good guy, popped in to see me on his way from Norwich to The Wirral in Cheshire where he lives

We went for what was meant to be a hour long chat but which actually became three hours somewhere along the way.  Jon bought me a coffee and I was only when we left that I realised I had never even offered to buy him another in all that time.  We were too busy talking.

We were meant to be talking about the possibility of us doing some joint events but we actually spent the time talking about just about everything but.

Writing is a solitary business in the main and so most chats between writers will inevitably feature the business of writing itself as well as all the peripheral baubles and pitfalls.  Only another writer truly understands what it is to be a writer.  Or at least that's how it feels.  We share our grievance and we may even test the odd idea or admit to a hope or two.

I share a publisher with Jon - Bloomsbury - and  publicist - Ian Lamb.  We have both done our share of events - Jon was returning home after a couple of school events in Norfolk - and we have spoken before about the possibility of doing something together that was a bit more exciting both for us and, hopefully, the audience.

Jon shares a lot of my interests as a writer and we read a lot of the same stuff when we were younger, including comics.  We are both children of the television age and unashamedly so.  A lot of our inspiration comes from sources other than books - television, cinema and in Jon's case, traditional English ballads.  A lot of our enthusiasms are similar and we share a kind of sensibility.

We don't have a firm structure in mind for this joint show, but in looking for a word that sums up what we are about, we agreed that 'Uncanny' hits the mark.  It is a word I am very fond of.  I like it because it covers a lot of the fiction I loved as a teenager as well as a lot of the comics I read and movies and TV I watched.  I also like it because it is not restrictive in terms of genre.

More about this when we have more to say. . .


  1. I'm a fan of both of you and your respective aesthetics, so this is particularly exciting to me. Good luck with whatever you have planned, Chris.

  2. Thanks...erm...Dracula. Nice to have you visit the blog. Thanks for the encouragement.