Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not creepy at all.

I was very pleased to learn that the painting above has been chosen for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  I entered a couple of years ago without success and I am really pleased to be chosen his year.

I have had work in the exhibition before, but a very long time ago.  It is a great British institution.  How else would my work ever end up gracing the walls of the Royal Academy?  It brings out a strange snootiness in critics, but I never really understand why.  I always find things I like.  And often I find things I like a lot.

The exhibition runs from the beginning of June until 14 August.  There were over 11,000 entrants this year.

I showed this painting on Facebook and someone described it as 'creepy'.  I think that may have to do with their expectations of me because of my writing.  I certainly don't think of it as a creepy painting.  It is a painting of a National Trust cottage on the Looe Pool near Porthleven in Cornwall.  We stayed there the Christmas before my son was born.  It was the last holiday we took together as a couple.  It was one of those state of flux moments.  Everything was about to change.

That's what I see when I look at that painting.  I don't see a house in twilight.  I see a kind of intake of breath - a moment of reflection before my son, and everything he brought to our lives, appeared in the world.

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