Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Movie nibbles

Someone who contacted us a while back about the possibility of turning The Dead of Winter into a TV drama was back in touch asking about the rights to Mister Creecher.

The whole business of movie rights, as I've said before, is a strange one.  I suppose we have had three or four people interested in Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror now, for both TV and cinema.  The latest of these I have still yet to meet but may do so in the near future.

So far none of the people involved has wanted to actually take out an option - that is, to buy the rights for a set period of time.  It is frustrating because it is hard not to be excited by the possibility of a movie, however much you tell yourself that it will probably never happen.

Even having an option taken out does not mean that anything will happen.  You get some money - not a life-changing amount sadly - and the wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Of course some people do have movies made and those movies do well and the books get a huge new lease of life and everyone is happy.  And that is why writers - who pretend to be pessimists but are usually dreamers - are always going to be excited by that email headed 'Movie interest!'

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