Friday, 27 April 2012


I drove down to Brighton yesterday.  Chris and Jo Riddell had invited me to put some paintings in their open house exhibition that will during the Brighton Festival.  These are four of the paintings I took down.

It was lovely as always to see Chris and Jo - I don't see enough of them, and that is almost entirely my fault as they invariably make much more of an effort than I do to keep n touch.  And of course I used to see Chris every week because we worked as cartoonists together at The Economist every Wednesday for six years.

And through Chris I have become friends with Paul Stewart, Chris's collaborator on many bestselling books.  They seem to take their partnership for granted but I find it amazing that they have done so much together and continue to be such a creative force.  It's a rather lovely thing to see.

Chris is showing some of his intricately detailed pen and ink drawings and Jo some lovely prints of farm soils that look a bit like 1950s rockets.  Go and buy one.

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