Thursday, 12 April 2012

(500) Days of Summer

We watched (500) Days of Summer last night.  My son hadn't see it before and my wife and I had missed the very beginning the last time we saw it.

I saw an interview with Richard Curtis in which he said he had been watching this movie a lot.  This made me a little concerned - concerned that Richard Curtis was going to write some soppy British version of this movie, and also a little concerned that my tastes and his had aligned in this way.

I think (500) Days of Summer is a really sweet and clever little movie.  It's sharp and funny and the leads are perfect. Both times I have watched it I have become overtaken by a desire to write something - not like it exactly - but in the same vein.  I have no real idea what that would be, but I suppose it would be something that said something true - as I think this movie does - about the experience of falling in love.

With the wrong person.

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