Thursday, 1 March 2012

My book day

Happy World Book Day one and all.  I hope you have had a good one.  Today is all the more special for me because Mister Creecher is out in paperback here in the UK published by Bloomsbury.


  1. Co-incidentally I've just finished the Kindle edition of Mr Creecher on my iPad. I was so cross with myself that I didn't realise it was Bill Sykes - the clues were almost screaming it out and I missed them!

    A great book - I love reading your Tales of Terror to my Year 6 class, and trust I can look forward to further instalments!

  2. Great news that Mister Creecher is out in paperback. Fantastic cover, too. I think I prefer it to the hardback cover (although they are similar).

    Thanks for answering the questions I sent to you. Your responses have been posted on The Book Base (the site is linked to from my name).

  3. Thanks James. I did the hardback cover, but actually I'm not sure I don't prefer the paperback too.