Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blue dress

I did do some colour illustrations for newspapers back in the 1990s.  This is an illustration I did for the Saturday Telegraph here in the UK.  Working for a Saturday or Sunday paper was always a little more relaxed.  An illustration for a daily paper will often involve very tight deadlines, but working for a weekend paper, you might just get a whole day - or even two.

There is so much time in book publishing.  It is still one of the things I find most frustrating about it.  It is so slow.  But I was equally frustrated with editorial illustration in having to produce work with so little chance to add any finesse to the idea or the drawing.

So often I felt that if I had only had another hour or two I would have been able to do something much better.   This illustration was one of the few examples where I felt that, all in all, given the time restraints, I had done a pretty good job.  It was illustrating a piece about interviews with prisoners on death row.

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