Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More German tales of terror

I received copies of the audio book of the German edition of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship before Christmas.


  1. Great stuff. "Schwarzen Schiff" sounds even better.

    My wife and I have begin reading the books to our 7y/o. A little young but he enjoys them.

    One random question. Do you write them out first as "adult" stories and then edit them to be Young Adult stories? While adults certainly enjoy the books, you are obviously keeping it straightforward enough for a 7 y/o to follow the plot.

    I guess I'm wondering how often you go over a story and say "Oops, that reads really well but it's too subtle for a younger person."

  2. Seven? Hmm. I hope I am not going to get the blame for therapy later in life!

    As to who I write them for, I did originally map some of the stories out with adults in mind, but most were written knowing the audience would be younger. That said, I try not to let that get in the way when I write. I let my editors worry about that. Obviously I want the young people to enjoy them, but I think that's more likely if I concentrate on writing the best stories I can.