Monday, 10 October 2011

Swedish terrors

A big box of the Swedish edition of the Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth arrived today.  It was a rather bigger box than I had imagined I would get.  Twelve copies of a foreign language edition is perhaps more generous than is absolutely necessary!  I also received a more manageable four copies of the Spanish edition of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship.  It is getting hard to keep track of all the foreign editions of the Tales of Terror.  Portugal is the latest country to take them.  I'll let you know more about publication dates and covers on those when I have more information.


  1. hello Mr Priestley,
    at school we have to write a bit about a chosen author and i chose you! we have to concentrate on one book and i chose tales of terror from the black ship,however there are a few answers i need to get from you:)
    firstly i know that the story dips in and out from different era's but i was wondering what era the main bit of the story was set in(the bit with cathy and ethan in). also when you were little what really encouraged you to write books?and finally if you had to pick out of all the books you have written,which one is your favourite?
    i would be really grateful if you answered my questions bacause i am a big fan of yours
    thanks again,

  2. Thanks for choosing my book as your book to study, Ellie. I am deliberately vague about the time period of the Tales of Terror books but Ethan and Cathy are living in a kind of early Victorian period I suppose - or possibly earlier.

    Yes - I was encouraged to write stories when I was a child. I was lucky enough to have very good teachers.

    My favourite book at the moment is Mister Creecher because I have wanted to write something about Frankenstein for a long time. But I am also very proud of all the Tales of Terror books.

    Thanks for getting in touch, Ellie. If you want to know more about any of my stories, you can look at the labels on this blog and click the relevant book, or even look at the label 'writing'. You can also visit the Bloomsbury tales of terror website - where there is information about me and I go into great detail about what prompted me to write the individual stories.