Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More uncorrected proofs

I got some uncorrected proofs in the post today.  They are the American edition of The Dead of Winter, which will be published early next year.  I haven't actually read these particular copies but I am guessing that they are identical to the UK editions and the 'uncorrected' aspect simply refers to the fact that changes have not yet been made to spelling of the colour/color, grey/gray variety.

My feedback from the States has always been that they have found it difficult to sell the idea of my books of short stories, so I will be intrigued to see what Americans make of The Dead of Winter and Mister Creecher.

Although I have always been a bit mystified and disheartened by the supposed reluctance of Americans to respond to a book of short stories.  America is such a champion of the short story!  The Tales of Terror books are in part a homage to Edgar Allan Poe, after all.  It is a source of constant frustration to me that Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror in particular, was not more successful in the States.  I hope it may yet have its day.

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