Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mister Creecher goes to print

This afternoon I emailed the last two remaining fixes for the queries raised by Isabel Ford on the final edit on Mister Creecher. This is the rather lovely title page based on Mary Shelley's novel.

I talked to Isabel yesterday and we went through most things that remained from the previous round of editing. I'm starting to get some feedback now from those who have been given Mister Creecher to read in its uncorrected proof form.

I was asked (at Hay I think) whether I wrote more than one book at once and of course the answer is most definitely yes. I am often working on three books at once, in fact. So I have been doing the last tweaks to Mister Creecher, whilst writing The Mask, and also plotting the book (or rather books) that I will be working on next.

All three stages have their challenges. The final edit is always stressful. It is the final letting go of the manuscript. Moulding the shape of an entire novel is by turns, frustrating and enormously satisfying. But I love that feeling of standing in the middle of a novel and having it all swirl around me. That's when writing is a really fabulous profession - when you have your characters and you have your setting and you have the premise and all you have to do is write.

Settling on the next book is more problematic - especially the submission of a synopsis. You have to give yourself enough wiggle room in the synopsis to allow what you write to breath and develop and go where it has to, but also you just have the issue of coming up with something good - something as good as the last book.

Or preferably better.

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