Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Piles of terror

This was always going to be a busy time for me, but my week in hospital has not helped. I am still in the process of editing Mister Creecher with Helen Szirtes. Mister Creecher was due to be published in June but is now coming out in October (twinned with the paperback edition of The Dead of Winter). The change was made before my recent adventure, but it was probably just as well. But it still needs to be finished. I think it is probably the best thing I've ever written.

But what do I know?

Just before I went into hospital I submitted a synopsis and sample chapter of my next book for Bloomsbury. This is a contemporary chiller set in Amsterdam. I am itching to get on and write it. It is called The Mask. I will tell you more about that book soon. . .

In the meantime, the rejacketed Tales of Terror are about to launch and so my advance copies have been arriving. Piles of each of the books have been stacked up on the steps of our staircase in the absence of anywhere else to put them.

I also have a World Book Day flipbook coming out with the redoubtable Philip Reeve. My side is called The Teacher's Tale of Terror (more about that later) and Philip's is called Traction City. It is a small book - but I have many copies of that too.

I need a bigger house.

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