Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tales from the treehouse

I went to London today to be filmed reading the first section of The Teacher's Tales of Terror for the World Book Day website.

The studio was south of the river near The Globe theatre. That area around Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge is fascinating. I used to work for the FT as an illustrator and they have offices there.

It was bitterly cold. There was an icy wind blowing in from the river and the whole world seemed set out in various shades of cool grey. It was snowing by the time I arrived at the studios.

When I did the filming for Booked Up, the studio was baking hot. Even with doors wide open, everyone was drenched with sweat instantly. This studio was mercifully cool and they had built a wonderful tree house set. I was following Philip Reeve and we were both to have a nighttime setting with candles. It was very nicely done actually and a much more enjoyable experience than the Booked Up filming.

Rather than doing a blurb for the book, we were doing a ten minuted reading - which as an author feels much more natural, I have to say - and is surely more fun for the viewer. It all went pretty well, and then I answered a few questions from children who had already been filmed and would be edited in later.

Afterwards I had a chat to the producer - Nicola Fenn. I had mentioned that I used to write historical fiction and she said she was interested in seeing anything I'd written as historical fiction was a particular enthusiasm. I shall be sending her a copy of Death and the Arrow, a book I am still very proud of.

I'll let you know if anything comes of it.

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