Thursday, 9 December 2010

Frost at midday

These are a few sample photos of a wonderful frost we had in Cambridge. It was astonishingly cold despite the sunshine. Tiny shards of frost were breaking off from the trees and floating down, sparkling like glitter. The frost was so thick on the twigs and branches that it looked like cherry blossom in April. Absolutely magical.

I have been writing about winter a lot recently. The Dead of Winter is - unsurprisingly - set in a very cold winter, and Mister Creecher begins on a very frosty New Year's Eve. It is always good to step out and remind yourself of the real sensation of being that cold, otherwise you start to fall back on a store of reported scenes. The truth is always more complex and surprising. Like those frost covered cobwebs and the willow wands turned to thorn bushes.

Oh - and if you are wondering what that is third from bottom - it's a wasps nest in a small tree in our local park.

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