Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dead of Winter launch

On Thursday 4 November, we had the launch for The Dead of Winter at Heffer's here in Cambridge. Kate Johnson who runs the thriving children's book department there went to a huge amount of effort on my behalf and I am very pleased that lots of people turned out to appreciate it.

I did a reading from The Dead of Winter and read a story from Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth as it is now out in paperback. I read Little People and it seemed to go down alright. I certainly seemed to have a steady queue of people with books to sign, which is always nice.

Thanks to Annie Galpin for the photo. I'm sure that spider wasn't there when I sat down. . .

A couple of days before, I was at Thrales, a literary salon here in Cambridge. I had been invited along by Anne Rooney, to read The Demon Bench End from Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror as a slightly post- Halloween treat, as the story has a Cambridge setting.

It was fun reading aloud to a group of adults, though a little intimidating knowing that they were all professional writers themselves. The reading sparked an interesting discussion about phobias and fears, horror stories and horror films.

At the end, I overheard one of the people there saying that his only ghostly experience featured a bench end! I never got to find out exactly what it was - but it must have freaked him out a little to hear my fictional version.

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