Thursday, 10 June 2010

Vlag & Wimpels van de Griffeljury

I had some nice news on Monday. My Dutch publishers, Pimento, got in touch via Bloomsbury to tell me that the Dutch translation of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship has won a special mention - called the Vlag & Wimpels (Flag and Pennants) - in the Gouden Griffel awards. The translator clearly did a fantastic job and I am really honoured to get this. I am also very pleased to have been invited over for the ceremony in October. More about that nearer the time.


  1. Hello Mr. Priestley!

    I am a bookseller in Germany and just read your Uncle Montague - Tales in German. I liked them so much I had to buy the "Tales from the Black Ship" at once for me and our bookstore. I hope the black ship - tales are going to be translated into German soon as well!

    Great work! I really enjoyed reading!
    Many greetings from Germany!

  2. Vielen dank Carola. That's great news. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and it's always nice to hear that the translation is enjoyable too. I am pretty sure that Bloomsbury are publishing The Black Ship in German too, but I will check.

    Best wishes