Sunday, 6 June 2010

Robot rampage

I came back to lots of mail and emails. I have to say that I hate it when I go away and come back to no mail, but it does seem to take an age to go through it all.

I received disappointing news from the Royal Academy Summer Show: my two paintings did not get in. I rang John hoping that at least he would have got in, but sadly his painting wasn't accepted either. It's a shame, but open exhibitions are a lottery. Or at least that's what we say when we don't get in.

My son rushed excitedly to retrieve a parcel from our neighbors across the road, thinking it was a birthday present for him, but it turned out to be a set of the OUP books I did a while back. I did two books in their Project X series. They are for the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and look a little bizarre on my shelves to be honest - they are so different from everything I have been doing for the last few years. But they were fun to do. The characters already existed and so did the major plot movers, so it was more as I imagine it must be like writing for an existing TV programme or for a comic with established characters.

I had an email from Bloomsbury telling me that Tudem, my Turkish publisher for Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror and Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, has also decided to take Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth. Which is great news.

And speaking of Tunnel's Mouth, I had the paperback covers through the post before I went away. It has a great quote from my erstwhile employer, The Independent -

''s genuinely, thrillingly horrible. And I mean that in a good way.'

The paperback is out in October this year.

I also had an email from the Eagle House School near Sandhurst where I am doing an event the week after next. They are having a Celebration of Children's Literature Festival and I'm very much looking forward to meeting everyone there.

I have some other news, but I am not allowed to tell you until tomorrow. . .