Friday, 28 May 2010

Spring jacket

I finally finished all three of the additional stories for the Tales of Terror re-issues and I was very excited to receive this early viewing of the new jacket treatment for Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror for the spring 2011 reissue. I think it's great. It is deliberately older in feel and, as lovely as they are, it will not feature the David Roberts illustrations. The idea is to present the book in a completely fresh way and hopefully pick up some readers who might have been put off by the younger look of the previous covers.

I was very keen that the additional stories were not simply tacked on to the end in some way or shoe-horned into the main body of the book. It was important to me that they genuinely added something. And I am happy that they do. . .

I have written a story for Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror that see Edgar return to hear another tale - one that concerns a mysterious snow globe. The story for Tales of Terror from the Black Ship sees the return of Cathy and Ethan's father who tries to explain the source of his madness. In Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth, Robert is recuperating and hears a strange tale from his stepmother.

These new stories link the books together, adding new connections between the characters and their tales. The books still stand alone, but reading all three in order will now be a more satisfying experience, I think.

It has been a lot of fun for me to return to those characters and I trust that will come across when you (hopefully) read them next spring.

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