Monday, 10 May 2010

Show and tell

I've been meaning to post these for ages. The first is an interview with Philip Reeve, looking a little like T E Lawrence and talking very coherently about his work. I have said many times that I think Philip Reeve is a superb writer. His Mortal Engines were a big hit with my son and rightly so. I make a point of recommending them whenever I get the chance - and I'm happy to take the opportunity to do so again.

The second is a really nice clip featuring the very talented Jackie Morris talking about her work and how she came to be an illustrator. It is always a special treat to see someone at work in their studio I think. It both demystifies and enhances the experience of looking at someones work.

Wouldn't it be great if the government collected clips like this of all kinds of people from sportswomen to scientists, just to show school students the range of careers out there and show them that they don't have to follow the course their father or mother followed, or even the course that is being laid out for them at school.

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