Sunday, 23 May 2010

Every day, in every way, I'm getting worse at keeping this blog

I've completely lost my discipline with the blog these days. I used to at least try and write it every day. Now it is getting to be more like once a week. I will be trying to do a little better in the coming weeks, but that said, the next month is looking a bit disrupted.

I thought I'd fill you in on what I'm doing and planning to do in the near future. Some time ago I mentioned that I was putting some paintings into open exhibitions. I still haven't heard about the Royal Academy Summer Show - we hear next week actually - but I did get a painting into the Eastern Open in King's Lynn. My studio mate John Clark got two in. The paintings come back this Friday (having failed to lure the good people of King's Lynn into making a purchase).

John and I have signed up for the Cambridge Open Studios as well. I already wish I hadn't as I simply do not have the time to spare on painting. John has been working away every day and producing lots of paintings, some of which I hope to show you when he decides he is happy for them to be seen.

I, on the other hand, have been writing my new book - Mister Creecher. I have a July delivery date on the manuscript and I had really wanted a clear month to work on the rough draft, but that is now looking less likely. I have been doing so many other things.

One of these things - for those of you who visit the blog regularly - was a graphic novel sample. This has proved the biggest distraction of all. I have wanted to do a graphic novel since I was a teenager and leapt at the opportunity. But I am not getting paid to do that and I am contracted to do my book, so I feel as though I have to get on with that. The graphic novel will have to wait. For the moment.

But I have also been distracted by writing other things. Bloomsbury have had the idea that when they repackage the Tales of Terror books next year (more of that another time) it would be nice to have an extra story at the end. That has proved more difficult that I'd imagined but it has been a lot of fun returning to those books and to those characters. I have written the first two - in rough - and am about to write the Tunnel's Mouth story.

More later. . .


  1. A graphic novel?? You must write it soon, I'm looking forward to it already! One of my favourites is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki, have you read it? I understand that it took him years to write, which I'm not at all surprised about because it's pretty long. I like the film but the book is much better in my opinion, with a more involved story and disturbing imagery. It isn't book for young children. I really recommend it if you've not read it already.
    Best wishes

  2. No I haven't read that, although I know and like his work of course. I'll have to search that out and have a look. Thanks.