Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Le terrificante storie di zio Montague

Uli Rushby-Smith from Bloomsbury Rights Department got in touch yesterday saying she had a busy time at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (which is always nice to hear) and that interest in my books was brisk (which is even nicer to hear). She passed on details of my Italian publisher, Newton Compton, and that encouraged me to have a look at their website and see if they had anything about my books.

Not only did I find the cover of the Italian edition of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, but also this great promo they've put up on YouTube. . .


  1. Is that an Uncle Montague cartoon, just an ad, or cut together from films? Couldn't tell, but it looked very Nightmare before Christmas...

  2. To be honest Oli I don't actually know anything about it. It has the look of something put together from stock sequences - except for the bit with the knocking on the door and the Uncle Montague character. But it's fun all the same.

  3. I think I will buy this book. It's definitely something I would have loved to read as a kid. And, er, mr. Priestley, I can't help asking : the name "Montague" it a reference to that Montague ?

  4. That depends which Montague you mean! If you mean is it a reference to Montague Rhodes James, then yes it is.

  5. Certainly "the Provost", yes...very well, now I know that your book must be in my library.
    My best, Sir.

  6. I don't speak Italian so I don't know what the man is saying in the add, but those film clips are from Nightmare before Christmas (by Henry Selick and Tim Burton) and Corpse Bride (by Tim Burton)!

    I think it's funny (as in odd, not as in ha-ha-funny) that they've chosen those two films to "illustrate" your book but I suppose it's fitting in some way.

    But I wonder why they chose them and if they have obtained permission to use the clips?

  7. Ha! That is priceless. Thanks for pointing that out Katrina. I think I knew that they had used stock footage as it did not seem to be a perfect match. But little did I suspect they would be borrowing from such high-profile movies. I love those movies and didn't even recognise the clips! But you are absolutely right of course.

    I'm assuming they did ask permission. After all, no one would be crazy enough to use Tim Burton's work without permission would they?

  8. And apologies for misspelling your name Katarina!

  9. I love those movies too, and you're probably right, no one would use them without permission.

    I suppose my point is that your "Tales of Terror" books are so great on their own that they don't need to be marketed as something reminding of Tim Burton movies...

    Well, the most important thing is that more people will discover your brilliant "Terror" books!

    P.S. Don't worry about misspelling my name, it happens all the time. Especially since what happened in New Orleans a few years back...

  10. Thanks Katarina. Neil Young's 'Like a Hurricane' comes to mind.

  11. Hello
    I'm from Thailand.I sorry that i did good at english.
    when I was read this book .I told my self that i just really love your story and when i told my sister and my friends.They just like it too.
    Thanks for this fantastic story.I will be waiting for another story in Thai!

  12. Hello Anonymous from Thailand. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I was wondering if Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror had been published in Thailand yet and it obviously has. Tawan have also taken Tales of Terror from the Black Ship and Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth, so I hope you enjoy those when they come out.

  13. Hi Chris, I wanna know what's for you the terror, and how born Uncle Montague in your mind. Thanks. Andrew from Italy
    I'll buy your book

  14. Hi Chris,i'm italian,i've bought "Uncle Montague's Tale of Terror"(Le terrificanti storie di Zio Montague)last month and it's amazing!I have a question for you:when your next books like "Tales of terror from the black ship" will come here in Italy?I can't wait to read all of your books!

  15. Hello Andrew from Italy. It's good to hear from you. What is my personal terror? I do have a fear of heights. The story Climb Not would be particularly scary for me. A situation where I was in danger and also very high up would be terrifying.

    Where did the idea for Uncle Montague come from? It is always difficult to say where an idea comes from, but the idea of a group of stories set into another story probably comes from portmanteau movies like The Dead of Night. Uncle Montague himself I always saw as being like one of the great actors of old-fashioned horror - like Vincent Price or Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee.

    And I'm very happy to say that all of the three Tales of Terror books will be coming out in Italy, though I'm not sure when. You would need to check Newton Compton's website to find that out. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

    Grazie mille

  16. Grazie a Te (Thanks to you). Look at this

  17. hello
    I'm your reader from Thailand.[I was post about Uncle montague before!]My name is House.
    I was read your "Tales of Terror From the Black Ship"yesturday.It's really spooky me.
    (T_T)But I can't stop reading.It's interesting me a lot.I thought that i use the time to read this about 2 days until the end.But I finished read this in only a day.I interest in Yuor book And really enjoy.I'll waiting for your other book!

  18. Thanks for the link Andrew. That's great. Sorry it's taken so long for your comment to appear - I thought I'd already published it!

    And hello House. How lovely to hear that my book is being so enjoyed in Thailand. I hope you enjoy the next ones. Write and let me now!