Thursday, 11 March 2010


I went to the studio today to get my paintings for the Eastern Open sorted out. I have about eight on the go, and it was simply a matter of which ones worked in the short space of time I had left.

I often find that it is easier to work on the ones that I like least when I have limited time. I am less nervous about ruining them, and because I am less precious, these paintings often overtake the ones I had previously thought of as more or less resolved.

All these paintings have the ghosts of other paintings beneath. Only the composition remains. I have the colours and the paint handling many times over the last months. Without wishing to sound pretentious, if I have an aim with my paintings (and I'm not sure I necessarily have, beyond the joy of pushing paint around) it is that they - in a fairly honest way I hope - show the activity of their painting.

Although that does sound a bit pretentious come to think of it. . .


  1. Paintings, schmaintings, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, and Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, which I've only recently discovered. I'm probably not your intended market – I'm 41, and my own children are just a bit too young for them – but I was a huge fan of the ghostly/creepy when I was younger and would have devoured these. Will try and put a recommendation on my blog (still trying to figure out how to put something new on my sidebar without everything else falling off). Can't wait to read 'Tunnel's Mouth'...

  2. Writing, schmiting. Thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed the first two Tales of Terror and hope you enjoy Tunnel's Mouth.