Thursday, 11 February 2010

Top hats and tales

Sarah Odedina from Bloomsbury emailed this to me. It is the Dutch bind-up of the first two Tales of Terror books. I'm not sure whether that makes it more, or less, likely they are taking the third, but it looks good doesn't it? I love the look of that word verschrikkelijke by the way.

I met up with Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart in Cambridge today. They were in town for an event at Heffer's, organised by Kate Johnson. I caught up with them before they were booked to go on and then joined my wife and son for something to eat before heading down Trinity Street to the bookshop.

We ended up walking behind some King's College School boys - from the choir I think. In top hats and gowns. Cambridge is a bit like that. I am constantly aware of another world going on that I am removed from - the world of the public schools and the University. I constantly toy with the idea of setting something in Cambridge that will deal with this idea of a secret world running parallel to the mundane one the rest of us inhabit. But whether small boys in top hats will feature, I couldn't really say.

Paul and Chris were on good form. I envy them the mutual support of a double act. It works well and they obviously feel very relaxed. Chris draws and Paul reads the odd extract and waits patiently while Chris completes another interruption. They play off one another like a couple of old jazz musicians.

It was well-attended, like all Heffer's events, and we left them signing books for a very long queue of of their fans. Chris and Paul are two of my favourite people and I wish them well with their new book, Wyrmeweald, which is out soon.

As for me, Philippa, my agent, has just confirmed an offer from Bloomsbury for my new book proposal. The provisional title is Mister Creecher, and I will tell you more about it over the next few months as I write it. For now I will simply say that it is strongly related to my recent blog fixation with Frankenstein. . .


  1. Adriana Sardinha ( February 2010 at 20:02

    Hello Chris,
    I hope it's not too late to thank you for the Christmas card! I'm happy too, about the next books. Hope our edition doesn't take long to come out!
    Best wishes,

  2. Not to too late at all and it's lovely to hear from you Adriana. I'm really pleased that Rocco are carrying on with the Tales of Terror series. I'm hoping for a bestseller - and then I'll have to come back to Rio!