Friday, 19 February 2010

More Dutch tales.

Further to yesterday's post, Bloomsbury got in touch yesterday to say that Pimento, my Dutch publisher, wants to take Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth. Which is great.

I have also been asked to talk at the Bloomsbury sales conference next week. I get ten minutes or so to sell myself and my books to the sales people. It's very nice to be asked, if a little daunting.

I will probably still put a word in for the Tales of Terror books, because they are still very much out there. Tunnel's Mouth is out in paperback in October and all three are going to be repackaged at some point (more about that nearer the time).

But of course, this year's book is The Dead of Winter, which is coming out in October (twinned with the Tunnel's Mouth paperback). It will be good to get back to that book, having been caught in between promoting Tunnel's Mouth and writing next years book.

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