Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Give me some space

I went to the studio for the first time in ages yesterday. I have never really developed a satisfactory working routine since I moved to Cambridge. Everything was much more simple in our house in Norfolk. I walked my son to school and then I retired to my large well-lit studio which had an area for drawing and an area for writing.

Now I have a small office at home which also doubles as the house office when my son needs to do computer-based homework and the computer itself doubles as a family computer now. My unreliable laptop was bought with the idea of the studio becoming a writing base as well, but that too has its problems.

Whilst sharing a studio for art purposes is OK (though I have to say I'm not a person who needs people around to work well), trying to write with other people talking on the phone or to each other is near impossible. Writers do need a space of their own, wherever that may be. Sometimes that space has to be just a kind of personal, internalised space with an imaginary force field (or headphones) to block the world out.

In any case, I was on my own in the studio and concentration was not a problem - though the cold certainly was. Having said that I wasn't in the studio to write. I was trying to decide on the format for the comic book/graphic novel sample I intend to do.

I am starting from the base of the book being black and white and standard paperback-sized or a little larger. One of the problems with graphic novels in this country is that booksellers don't really know what to do with them and so it depends on the enthusiasms of individual managers or specialist bookshops. Either way it is hard to sell in big numbers.

I would love to do a full colour graphic novel, but I think a novel-sized, black and white, well-priced book will stand a better chance of finding its way onto the shelves in the main part of the bookshop (if we have any bookshops by then).

More about this later. . .

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