Monday, 18 January 2010


Leaving to one side the business of what the drawings are going to look like, the next thing I need to think about in my graphic novel sample is the text and what it will look like.

It is a surprisingly rigid tradition in comics, that the text is handwritten - and even if it is not actually handwritten, it has the appearance of handwriting. The advent of computers has meant that there is software (Fontlab for instance) that allows handwritten fonts to be designed and typed using a keyboard, saving time and increasing consistency. This consistency of course is what some people don't like about such fonts. But when either technique is used well, it is difficult to tell them apart.

Personally, I am all for anything that is going to make the process easier to control. I'm not a typographer or a calligrapher. I am hoping that my friend Lisa Kirkham is going to come to my assistance here, by taking me on a tour of the relevant programs. I may have to invest in Adobe Illustrator for example.

Of course I still - most importantly of all - have to produce a compelling story or stories.

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