Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The snow that has been falling all over Britain has finally arrived in Cambridge, though so far there hasn't been very much. There is enough to make my son's return bike ride from school a little treacherous. He only went back today and already I can see that we may have more snow overnight and the school may close. My wife is worried that all the textile designs she has been doing over Christmas may amount to nothing if her agents can't make it to the Heimtex trade fair in Frankfurt.

I have been having a clear out in my office ahead of getting down to work properly, now that my son is back at school. My desk had become covered in all kinds of junk - ditto the floor and chairs and shelves. I am slowly working my way through whilst importing some more music into my iTunes library now that I have twice the memory on my lovely new blue iPod nano. I have just been enjoying the massive wall of feedback that opens Anthrax by the Gang of Four. Excellent.

Very sorry to read Martin Salisbury's obituary for Susan Einzig in the Guardian. I have raved many times about Philippa Pearce's wonderful Tom's Midnight Garden. It is a brilliant book and it was blessed with an illustrator who caught the mood of the novel perfectly.

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