Friday, 4 December 2009

Where are we?

OK - so where are we on the books for Cumbria front. Well authors are starting to come into the scheme in numbers. As fast as I can reply to one, I get another offer in the inbox. I want to thank all the authors and illustrators who have offered books and I want to thank all the editors and publicity people at Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Random House & Picaddilly Press who have taken time to make suggestions, offer help and pass on details to their authors. It warms the cockles of my heart.

This is how I see things at the moment. The books will hopefully be sent to one address in Cumbria - I think a library is probably the best place. I would like to avoid making families trek for miles to get the books and it would seem better to take the books to them. Cumbria Library service is using a mobile library to reach Cockermouth. That might be the answer. But of course that isn't for me to say.

I don't think this is difficult. But it becomes more difficult with each passing day. I need the same sense of enthusiasm from Cumbria Council as I've had from authors and publishers. I'm sure I'll get that.

Publicity is another issue. The children will have to know its happening and I would like Cumbria's plight to get some more airtime from the media. Blue Peter have been contacted - thank you Susannah Nuckey of Bloomsbury - but they can't do it in the time. Oh yes they can! No - they can't apparently.


  1. Hi Chris

    I'd like to donate a set of signed Scream Street books. Who do I need to contact?

    Best wishes


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  3. The blog administrator only removed the comment because Michelle had left her email and might not want it blarted across the blogosphere. I inadvertently posted the comments and it appears you can't undo that