Monday, 7 December 2009

What do you call a crowd of authors?

I no particular order, here are the authors so far:

Mary Hoffman, Sally Nicholls, Fiona Dunbar, Anthony McGowan, Jim Eldridge, Peter Bailey, Narinder Dhami, Josh Lacey, Tony Bradman, Paul Stewart, Celine Kiernan, Saviour Pirotta, Marie-Louise Jenson, Inbali Iserles, Meg Rossoff, Jonathan Mayhew, Joe Craig, Kath Langrish, Sam Enthoven, Sally Grindley, Sandra Glovers, Alan Cliff, Damian Kelleher, Tony De Saulles, Philip Reeve, Tracey Alexander, Pauline Chandler, Paul May, Leila Rasheed, Valerie Wilding, Adele Geras, Rosie Rushton, Brenda Williams, Rob Jones, Sue Eves, Andy Seed, Enid Richmont, Chris Mould, Chris Riddell, Cathy Cassidy, Jane Clarke, Cathy Hopkins, Philip Ardagh, Helen Bonney, Anna Wilson, Sarah Webb, Lynn Breeze, Mariam Vossough, Sue Reid, Francis Mosley, Anita Ganeri, Nicola Davies, Gillian McClure, Lee Weatherly, Lynn Huggins Cooper, Andrew Solway, Amanda Lees, Damian Harvey, Kjartan Poskitt, Philip Wilkinson, Dave Smith, Tommy Donbavand, Brian Lux, Val Rutt, Mark Walden, Ann Turnbull, Tracey Turner, Mike Jubb, Jan Dean, Michelle Harrison, Laura Kennedy, Pippa Goodhart, Lynne Chapman, Kay Woodward, Jenny Vaughan, Cindy Jefferies, James Mayhew, Sandra Horn, Gillian Philip.

This was hurriedly written - so I apologise for any spelling mistakes and if you have offered and can't see your name there then let me know, just in case I haven't got you on my list (though it may simply be an oversight - and I apologise in advance). If you know someone who you think ought to be on that list and are in a position to give them a prod, then please do so.

Thank you all so much.


  1. Kaye Umansky has promised some, Chris: will forward her email.

  2. Just had another thought: go ahead and add the Siobhan Dowd Trust to your list, and I'll contact them. Siobhan would certainly have contributed!

  3. oo - hello! Candy Gourlay can be added to this list now - I'll prod her! And thanks - delighted to be part of the crowd :O)

  4. I've missed the question, I think - what would you like us to offer? (She says, warily in case it's a whole case of bananas, which I can't lay my hands on just now.)

  5. This was from a long time ago Sue. Sorry - my blog has been a bit inactive the last couple of months. The Cumbrian Book Appeal was scuppered I'm afraid.