Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekend news

I have had a few distractions from trying to sort out the books for Cumbria appeal. On Friday evening we all went to a Private View of arts and crafts and had mulled wine and minced pies whilst chatting to painters and admiring some very nice driftwood boats.

On Saturday morning I went to hospital and had a small camera on a long flexibly stalk put up one nostril until it went down the back of my throat. A very strange sensation.

I spent much of the rest of the weekend taxiing my son from school concert rehearsals and back, to football and back and so on. All of which gave me a chance to feel a bit less frustrated with how the project is going.

More authors joined over the weekend and I hope very much that I have replied to you all - but if I haven't then I will do so today. There is still scope for many, many more authors and illustrators to get on board having said that.

If you are already signed up but you know someone who isn't, give them a prod. If you are an editor then please spread the word among your writers. I am not asking for money (apart from postage), only the time it takes to sign, wrap and post a book (or four). I see this as a team effort - a show of solidarity by authors and illustrators with our readers, but having said that, the more household names we have in the scheme the easier it will be to get publicity and logistical help if needed.

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