Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm ready for my close-up now Mr Downie

I had a meeting with Sarah Odedina today. We had a 'what's next' meeting, and I was very pleased that she seemed to be so enthusiastic about my new book proposal. This will have to jump through a few hoops yet before it becomes a definite thing, so I won't say any more about it now.

Sarah caught me on the hop a little, as I had really come in to talk about the possibility of doing a graphic novel at Bloomsbury. This idea had come up at a meeting and Sarah contacted me to see what I thought.

I have wanted to do a graphic novel ever since I was a teenager (though I would have called it a comic then). I love that form of storytelling. Or at least I do when it is done well. In this country - for reasons I am never very clear on - it rarely is. The graphic novels produced by children's publishers are particularly duff.

Graphic novels also do not tend to do good business here. Booksellers don't know what to do with them and there is still a culture that says comic books are for kids. Although there is an understanding that novels for children have to be well-written, for some reason publishers think they can get any old nonsense past children when its in comic form (when those children can go and buy the best of Marvel or DC or Dark Horse).

But this is a put up or shut up business. Will what I do be any better? I think it will - I certainly hope it will. But it may not even happen.

After my meeting with Sarah, I met up with the collectively wonderful Adrian Downie, Ian Lamb and Susannah Nuckey to do a promo video for Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth. Adrian shot the whole thing on several HD cameras against a green screen. Ian operated a complex arrangement of lighting and Susannah did wonders with props and make up (I looked twenty years older by the time she'd finished!)

A backdrop resembling a cross between a cupboard and a cellar will be added later apparently.

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