Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cumbrian Book Appeal

I am interrupting the normal broadcast of blithering on this blog by telling about something a bit more serious and urgent.

As people in the UK will know, Cumbria has suffered terrible flooding recently. Already it seems as though this is no longer newsworthy and yet clearly, it remains a devastating reality for those affected.

It struck me that children's authors have a chance to inject a little bit of good cheer into the lives of children in Cumbria. I thought that we could sign and wrap one (or more) of our books and send them as gifts to those affected.

So far so good. But I also wanted this to happen before Christmas. The books have to be collected, transported and distributed. There are huge problems and I have to confess I don't know that it will work. I just think that it can.

But - I will say that there has been an incredible enthusiasm from authors for the project. I have many, many firm offers. I have been in touch with Cumbria Council and they are keen. The issue of how books get from author to child is still the thing that will potentially scupper the whole thing, but I remain hopeful that someone more practically minded than me will come forward and solve that.

Meanwhile, if you can help in any way or simply have some thoughts, please get in touch via the comment feature on this blog.

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