Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cumbria Q&A

I've just had this email from Josh Lacey. He raises some very good questions

Hi Chris

A couple of thoughts about logistics:

First, how about getting a publisher or publicist to organise it? They're so good at that sort of thing... I'm sure publishers would be happy to donate some books and some time in exchange for a bit of publicity...

Good point - anyone fancy taking that on? A helping hand from anyone involved in publicity would be great.

If not, do you know anyone who lives in the area who could distribute books?

I heard from author Jim Eldridge today. Jim lives in the area and whilst he can't be expected to distribute what I hope might be hundreds or even thousands of books, he is full of useful local contacts.

Second, do you have a list of schools? How many kids are involved? How many writers? How many books would each writer provide?

I am still waiting for accurate numbers from Cumbria County Council. I think we need to have as many writers as possible giving at least one book. I would like to a a couple of hundred (or more) writers and illustrators getting involved

Third, would you ask writers to send books directly to schools? To a distributor? Would someone collect the books and drive them there? Could some of the writers visit the schools to hand out books?

Many of the schools are still closed. The County Council will have to provide collection points and advertise it through the media. Big names among the authors will help this. If I get enough pledges from authors for books I will then certainly ask if some people could actually go up there and be there when the books are handed out. But that is a long way down the line. Without storage, transport and distribution, it won't work.

I just seem to be bombarding you with questions... sorry.


No problem Josh - they are questions that need to be asked (and answered)

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